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getting brutally fucked by daddy with no regard for your comfort or pleasure is totally worth it when you’re rewarded like this in the end

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These one’s aren’t holiday themed but I had to show off my running shorts thong.


New photoset of Fritz von Fuckup and Owen Gray!

Young hitchhiker Fritz was looking for a way to get to the big city when along comes Owen Gray, who just so happens to be heading that way! Owen pulls over and offers Fritz a ride, but when Fritz doesn’t have any money for gas he tells him they’ll have to figure something out! A ride for a ride is only fair, so Owen takes Fritz into the woods to pound his holes with his huge raw uncut cock and blows his load all over Fritz’s adorable twinkish face! This smoking hot gay FTM and cis male scene is one you can’t afford to miss! Check it out, only here on!

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so many beautiful sexy asses .. lots of heavy hanging nut sacks .. just beautiful boi bodies all over .. i wanna be on the bottom of their dog pile yea … ack i leaked O_o

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